Man’s $1 Collections Lead to Over $8,000 in Donations to Help Others

A man from LaGrange, Georgia created a program, $1 Thursdays, where he collects just $1 from people in his community to donate to others, and he is showing how small acts of kindness can add up.

Anthony Talley created a program where he collects $1 from others to donate to people in need, and he has reached approximately $8,000 in donations. 

Talley lives in LaGrange, Georgia, a town with a high crime rate and high poverty rate of approximately 29.7%, so he knew he wanted to give back to his community.

The initial money raised primarily went toward helping a man who lost his home in a fire. Talley also used some of the funds to do something kind for the children of LaGrange, buying ice cream for every elementary school student in Troup County.

“When I do stuff like this it’s an overwhelming joy,” Talley told 11Alive. “People say, ‘well what do you plan to get out of this?’ And I tell them I plan to change the world, one life at a time, one dollar at a time.”

Talley named his program $1 Thursdays, and his most recent charitable efforts include helping a mother of 10 with the purchase of a new car after she lost hers due to an accident involving her daughter, and helping a family with funeral expenses of a loved one after she passed in a car accident. 

To contribute to $1 Thursdays, Talley collects donations through cash app at $AnthonyMauriceTalley or through Venmo at @Anthony-Talley-9. He posts regular updates to his Facebook page to let everyone know how much has been raised and the current cause he is campaigning for. “Remember the goal is to change the lives of others $1.00 at a time,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

Image source: 11Alive