Michigan Man Delivers Toys to Children Impacted by Tornadoes in Kentucky

Timothy Baise flew around 1,000 toys to children affected by the devastating tornadoes in Kentucky.

Timothy Baise flew from his home in northern Michigan to deliver a plane filled with toys to those impacted by the tornadoes in the southern United States.

Baise is the president of Homeless Angels, a nonprofit raising awareness for the homeless and those in need in Lansing, Michigan. While at the organization’s toy drive last weekend, he spoke with the manager of the Mayfield Airport to find out what he could send to those affected by the devastating tornadoes. That is when the manager told him to send the thousands of toys they were surrounded by. 

“There’s hundreds of houses that are just destroyed. There’s no way these families are going to be able to get anything for these children. Toys, I mean I had goosebumps, I almost couldn’t breathe, right? I started like blowing up because I’m in the middle of this,” Baise told UpNorthLive. “He had no idea who I was or what we were doing at the time and he said toys. All I could say is ‘I’ll be there tomorrow.”

Baise packed the plane with as many toys as possible — he estimates around 1,000 toys were delivered. 

Homeless Angels also collaborated with Morgan’s Hugs, a Michigan-based nonprofit that helps disabled veterans, to deliver another load of supplies to Kentucky. This time, the plane was filled with basic necessities in addition to toys.

Image source: Facebook / Homeless Angels