‘Modern Family’ Actress Julie Bowen Helped Rescue Hiker Who Fainted

By Peyton Phillips August 10, 2021
Julie Bowen of “Modern Family” and her sister helped rescue a hiker who fainted last week at a national park in Utah. “They could have just ignored me, passed on, but they didn’t,” said the hiker.

Actress Julie Bowen and her sister helped rescue a hiker when she fainted at Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. 

“They could have just ignored me, passed on, but they didn’t,” the hiker, Minnie John, told CNN. “She could have gone on – she must have had a busy agenda that was disturbed because of me. They treated me, a stranger, with love and respect.”

John described the events in a three-part series on Facebook, where she also shared photos of the experience. She and her family traveled to Utah to see the Delicate Arch, one of the park’s most popular sights.

John said she began feeling dizzy and lightheaded as they neared the end of the trail

“All I remember is sitting there with my head in my hands secure on the rock,” John wrote. “Next thing I hear someone with a familiar voice kept asking me questions. I wondered if I might be watching tv.

“My eyes were closed and they said I will be fine and they were cleaning my face and bandaging me up. I heard that familiar voice saying I am going to be ok, a doctor is cleaning me up.”

That doctor happened to be Bowen’s sister, Dr. Annie Luetkemeyer. The siblings ran to John when they saw she’d fainted and found she had a broken nose. John is diabetic and was severely dehydrated and had low blood sugar at the time of the incident. She said that Luetkemeyer, an infectious disease specialist, took care of her right away.

“They were so down to earth, so genuine, so sweet: Not at all how you might expect a big actor or a big doctor to be – which they are. They were just so humble, so loving,” said John.

“I knew I’d never meet them again but I appreciated and admired the human part of what they did – selfless, not selfish,” she said. “We tend to forget the daily kindnesses we encounter. We’re blind to everything around us and don’t imagine that people will be so good, kind and caring.”

Image source: Minne John / Facebook