Officers Escort Child to First Day of School After His Dad Died of Covid

Police officers in Las Vegas escorted 9-year-old Noah Swanger to his first day of fourth grade after his father, Officer Jason Swanger, passed away in June of COVID-19.

Noah Swanger made quite an entrance for his first day of fourth grade at Steve Schorr Elementary in Las Vegas. It is his first year without his father there to walk him to class.

Noah’s father, Jason Swanger, was a police officer with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and died in June due to complications from COVID-19. Jason’s colleagues and fellow Las Vegas police officers showed up at the Swanger home to escort Noah to his first day of school with a motorcade and walked him to class.

Noah greeted the officers wearing a tie, which his mom said represents his new role as “man of the house.”

“This is his connection to his dad on the police department, so it means a lot to him that they’re all here for him,” Noah’s mother, Christa Swanger, told KKTV. Christa said the officers have maintained a relationship with Noah over the last two months to help him cope with the loss of his dad.

“Every call that he went on was his most important call. He was thorough, caring and had compassion for people on calls,” said Brennan Childers with LVMPD. “There’s nobody that looked up to him more than his son and nobody I feel he was closer with than his son… We were just happy to come out here and be here for them.”

Christa described her late husband’s squad as a family that has stepped up for Noah since his father’s untimely passing, including surprising him with a truckload of presents for his birthday and taking him to lunch just as his dad did.

Noah wants to follow in his dad’s footsteps and become a police officer someday.

Image source: CNN