Ohio Siblings Donate 50k Toys to Nationwide Children’s Hospital

This brother-and-sister duo have donated nearly 50,000 toys over the past six years to one of the largest pediatric hospitals in the country through their annual holiday toy drive.

This holiday season, Ohio siblings Tyler and Monica Slaven are hoping to meet their goal of bringing 11,500 toys to the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio – something they have done for the past six years as part of their annual holiday toy drive.

The Slaven siblings’ journey to help children began in 2015 when they decided to team up and do something special for children who are in the hospital on Christmas. The siblings utilize their school’s vast network of students and staff to gather volunteers and supplies. “The school does a tremendous job of helping us get the word out every year and reach new people, since we are a statewide school,” said Tyler.

“Seeing a child who truly understands … the joy of Christmas is priceless,” Tyler told Fox News. “We wanted to help the kids still have that joy, for those who are in the hospital during Christmas.” 

The group of volunteers place toy donation boxes in various locations across the state and stop by businesses who help out with monetary donations as well as donating actual toys. Donations are collected until Dec. 10.

In 2015, they were able to donate 800 toys to the hospital. One year later, that number more than doubled, totaling 1,700 donations. In 2017, they donated 3,000 toys. However, in 2018 and 2019, the toy drive broke the hospital’s record for the single largest donation with 9,200 and 20,300 toys, respectively. 

“Once you get on the [hospital] property, it is just phenomenal. They’re so friendly and welcoming … and spirited,” Tyler Slaven said. “It’s a true joy to be around.” 

Image source: NY Post