Safety Alert App Citizen Partners with Tank’s Good News for “Good Vibes Contest”

Real-time safety alert network Citizen is partnering with Tank’s Good News to celebrate the good in our communities with a “Good Vibes Contest.”

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This holiday season, real-time safety app Citizen is teaming up with Tank’s Good News to launch a campaign to encourage the public to share the good they are doing or the good they see being done in their communities through Citizen’s new “Good Vibes” feature.

From now through Jan. 31, 2022, Citizen users, new and old, can share their own good news stories on the app and potentially be broadcast to Citizen’s 10 million users and win $5,000 for the charity or community organization of their choosing, including non-violence groups and other safety-focused organizations. Who knows? Maybe you’ll become a good news influencer too? Maybe we can hang out, become best friends?

To enter, simply identify some good in the world, open the Citizen app, tap the camera icon at the bottom of the screen, tap “Good Vibes” and press the green button to begin recording!

“I’m excited to partner with Citizen, to help give more people opportunities to share good news, feel safe and informed. Citizen is helping address one of our critical needs: safety. As a testament to how they’re doing so responsibly, we’re partnering on the launch of a new Citizen feature that highlights the good that people are doing in their communities, something that I know will be satisfying for everyone to see,” said Tank Sinatra, creator of Tank’s Good News.

Throughout the holidays, Tank and Citizen will work together to select contest winners who demonstrate what “good” means. Participants will share “good” content via Citizen, and receive additional contest entries by sharing on multiple social media platforms. All eligible entries will be based on three equally-weighted criteria: community impact, creative storytelling and execution. 

As a powerful force for good, Citizen has helped evacuate people from burning buildings, divert school buses from nearby terrorist attacks, and led to the rescue of trafficked and abducted children.

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