Single Mom From Tennessee Braids Kids’ Hair For Free To Ease Burden For Other Parents And Boost Kids’ Morale

A single mom of two working multiple jobs in Tennessee is braiding children's hair for free to help other parents who otherwise couldn't afford the expensive services and to boost the morale of the kids before they head back to school.

Although Brittany Starks is a single mother that lives paycheck to paycheck and has been homeless twice, she does not let that stop her from giving back to others. Her hardships have inspired her to spread kindness to those in her community who may need it.

In homes, churches and salons across Nashville, Starks and a group of volunteers braid children’s hair for free to take some stress away from the parents. Braiding hair can cost hundreds of dollars and take around five to six hours, if not longer.

The effort began in August, when Starks created a Facebook post offering her services in Nashville. “I wanted to do something for the parents like me whose money is going to feeding their children and making sure they have a roof over their head,” Starks told CNN. “I wasn’t expecting a big reaction. I thought I’d maybe get five kids or so, but I didn’t realize how huge the need was for this.” She said the number quickly climbed from five kids to 35 kids, and she has since lost count. 

“It’s been very hard. I haven’t gotten any sleep. I’ve been extremely tired, but it’s very worth it,” Starks said. “I feel like I’m doing it for a good cause.”

Starks often travels to the children and said she has braided hair until she could no longer feel her fingers, all so the kids will be ready for their first day of school.

Her kind act is not just helping ease the burden for the parents, it is also a huge morale booster for the children as well. She hopes that her kindness will inspire others.

“As a single parent who has gone through so much of the same struggles they did, I know what these parents are feeling,” Starks said. “And if I can help in any way, even if it’s just putting a smile on their faces and easing this burden, I’m going to do it.”

Image source:  CNN