South Carolina Principle Takes on Second Job to Help His Struggling Students

By Caroline Lowder February 9, 2021
Henry Darby’s hard work, compassion, and generous spirit has inspired people across the nation to think about the ways they can give back.

North Charleston High School principal Henry Darby has gone above and beyond to make sure his students have what they need.

After learning of the tremendous economic hardships some of his students face, Darby took it upon himself to get a second job at Walmart in an effort to help. Three nights a week, from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m., he works the overnight shift stocking shelves in order to provide funds for students to pay bills or tuition and buy food.

Though Darby now finds himself at the center of a viral moment, he initially intended on keeping news of his night job to himself. In an interview with WCBD, Darby explained he “simply wanted to work for Walmart without fanfare and use those resources for [his] students.”

In a community where 90% of families fall below the poverty line, Darby’s efforts to help do not go unfelt. He has donated $2,500 to the community as of late, which makes up about half of his Walmart earnings. The other half he plans to donate after taxes are returned.

Darby’s incredible work ethic has inspired many, but most notably his students. “I knew of some students who thought working at Walmart was beneath them,” said Darby in a statement to the Charleston County School District. “Now that the students have learned about me working there, several have applied and are employed alongside me.”

As news of this selfless principle’s story began to spread around the community, a GoFundMe page that has since raised over $150,000 was started in support of Darby’s efforts. And, to add to it all, Walmart gifted Darby a $50,000 donation live on the Today show last week.

Darby finds himself more motivated than ever to continue his work. “If we can’t help one another, then who can we help? I will keep on working at Walmart. My efforts are genuine and not for show. In spite of all the dollars we have accumulated, I plan to stay on,” he said in a statement to Southern Living.

Henry Darby’s hard work, compassion, and generous spirit has inspired people all across the nation and serves as a wonderful reminder of the incredible chain reaction that can occur through a single act of selflessness.