Stealing our hearts

By Darby Jones April 7, 2021
Stray dog repeatedly tries stealing stuffed unicorn from a Dollar General, so animal control officer bought it for him.

Sisu, a large male stray dog, repeatedly tried stealing the same stuffed unicorn from a Dollar General in Kenansville, North Carolina. The business called animal control after the fifth incident.

“The store called and said they had a stray dog in the parking lot that kept coming into the store,” Joe Newburn, department head for Duplin County Animal Services, told The News & Observer.

“He’d walk in, go to that unicorn and try to get it. He did it four or five times before they locked the door and called us to come get him. Maybe he had a stuffed animal like that in his original home. I don’t know, but he wanted that purple unicorn bad.”

Sisu eventually got his beloved stuffed animal, but not by theft.

Animal control officer Samantha Lane arrived to the 1-year-old dog still standing in the parking lot. Lane went inside and bought the unicorn for Sisu and put it in the front seat of the truck. The dog hopped in willingly.

The shelter posted the story to its Facebook page. “This is what happens when you break into Dollar General consistently to steal the purple unicorn … but then get Animal Control called to lock you up for your B&E and larceny,” the shelter wrote. The post has over 11,000 reactions and 22,000 shares.

The shelter later announced that Sisu has “an adopter and a rescue.” The transition to his forever home will happen once Sisu spends time at Lab Rescue LRCP to receive training to address trouble interacting with other dogs, People magazine reports.

Dollar General has made multiple donations to the shelter in Sisu’s name, including large bags of pet food, according to a Facebook post made by the shelter.