Trick-or-Treaters Bring Elderly Woman Gifts the Day After Halloween

Three trick-or-treaters visited Brenda Burdon, 86, at her home in Newcastle, but she apologized for not having any candy. The next day, the three children returned with a surprise.

86-year-old Brenda Burdon had three trick-or-treaters show up at her home in Denton, Newcastle in search of candy. Burdon apologized to Jessie, Olivia and Walter for not having any treats to give them.

The next day, the children returned to Burdon’s home with a card, chocolates and a £10 note. Burdon’s family said they were amazed by the children’s kind gesture. Burdon’s grandson, Danny Parker, said she bought the children some presents and returned the money.

“I spent a few hours with her that afternoon and she was just lost in happiness that total strangers could leave such a wonderful impression,” said Parker. “She is 86 and said this was the best Halloween of her life.”

Image source: BBC