Truckers Share Food, Supplies with Other Drivers While Stranded on Icy Interstate for More Than 24 Hours

One truck driver said they have supplies for situations such as this, and that others should not be afraid to ask for help.

Hundreds of travelers were stuck on Virginia’s I-95 highway Monday following a crash involving six tractor-trailers that took place during a snowstorm— some were stranded for more than 24 hours. 

Truckers began sharing supplies with fellow drivers who were stuck and concerned about running out of food and water. The temperature in Fredericksburg, Virginia early Tuesday morning was approximately 16 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Jim DeFede, a reporter with CBS4 News in Miami, said that a truck driver came to him with a case of water from his own supply. The driver was “tapping on car windows and offering folks water,” said DeFede. “He wasn’t an official. I think he was a Good Samaritan.” DeFede said he had been trapped with his vehicle for more than 24 hours as of 10 a.m. local time on Tuesday.

Truck driver Michele Rusher said that many trucks have food and water specifically for situations similar to this, emphasizing that people should not be afraid to ask for help, water or food. 

Another truck driver, Jean-Carlo Gachet, keeps a two-day supply of food and a microwave in his truck. He hopped out of his truck to offer another driver a hot meal: a drink and a Jimmy Dean bacon, egg and cheese breakfast bowl.

“He was shocked when I — when he opened the door at first, and you know, I was saying, ‘hey, I just made you a hot breakfast and a cup of fruit punch,'” Gachet told CNN. “It was him and his mother, and both of them were really appreciative. It was a really nice moment.” 

Image source: Insider, CNN