U.S. Navy Veteran Brought to Tears After Strangers Surprise Him With New Scooter and Over $100k in Donations

A viral TikTok prompted strangers to raise over $110,000 to buy a 79-year-old Navy veteran a new scooter after his broke down. The funds will also help cover his upcoming medical and housing costs.

United States Navy veteran Kenny Jary was moved to tears after learning of the donations that came pouring in to help replace his broken mobility scooter. One of Jary’s neighbors, Amanda Kline shared Jary’s story on TikTok and created a GoFundMe page for the 79-year-old that is titled “Patriotic Kenny Needs a Ride.” 

“In 24 hours, people on TikTok, strangers who’ve never met you but love you, donated $5,000 for a scooter for you,” Kline told Jary in a video. 

“No, you’re kidding!” he reacted, holding back tears. “I don’t know what to say, Amanda.” The page has currently reached over $111,000 in donations.

“I feel so good,” Jary said on Fox & Friends. “I just don’t have enough words for it. I can’t believe all these wonderful people out there in the world. I just want to thank them so much. All my followers, everybody, from the bottom of my heart.”

The money will go toward two scooters for Jary, as well as help him move into a more sustainable home and help him cover upcoming medical bills.

“It’s like winning the lottery, and then some,” he said.

Image source: Stars and Stripes