Vancouver Charity Rescues Food, Opens ‘Pay What You Feel’ Surplus Food Market to Help Combat Food Insecurity

Beginning Oct. 1, a Rescued Food Market will open in Vancouver to provide surplus food to those experiencing food insecurity as well as those looking to help combat food waste.

An estimated 35.5 million tons of food is thrown out each year in Canada, but this Canadian nonprofit is working to divert some of that food to those in need.

The Food Stash Foundation is opening the doors to the Rescued Food Market Friday, Oct. 1, and customers are able to pay what they want. Food Stash executive director Carla Pellegrini says that the pay-what-you-feel design gets rid of any stigma associated with people not being able to afford the rising costs of food.

“So you can use the weight of the food to gauge an appropriate donation amount if you wanted to, or you can donate whatever you feel or not donate at all,” Pellegrini explains. “It’s really about getting people easy access to rescued food.”

Pellegrini also says their charity rescues more than 30,000 kilograms — or nearly 67,000 tons — of food each month. 

The Rescued Food Market complements the foundation’s new community fridge, which sits in front of the building and is stocked with food that people can access at all times. The market is located at 340 West 2nd Ave. in Vancouver. Pellegrini says donations and volunteers are always welcome.

Image source: BC Business