Wisconsin Bar That Let Patrons Buy Beers for Betty White is Now Donating All Profits to Animal Shelters

Customers at a Wisconsin brewery are able to prepay for beers for their friends, and Betty White was the most popular recipient. The proceeds are now going to local animal shelters.

Commerce Street Brewery in Mineral Point, Wisconsin has raised more than $1,680 for a local animal shelter — all thanks to Betty White.


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White’s third husband, Allen Ludden, grew up in Mineral Point, and was buried here in 1981. While rumors occasionally spread that White may visit, she had not been back to the town since her late husband’s burial.

The brewery gives patrons the option to pre purchase drinks for their friends, and Betty White became the most popular recipient in case she ever returned to Mineral Point. 

Starting with just 41 beers, the brewery has since collected more than 336 beers since her passing. The business announced it would be donating the $1,680 in proceeds to local animal shelters.

The Beers-For-Betty initiative will continue through the end of January.

Image source: NBC15