Woman Falls Down Mountain, Leaves Hilarious Five-Star Review for Indestructible Leggings

By Peyton Phillips November 10, 2021
An Amazon customer’s hilarious review for a pair of seemingly indestructible leggings showed the wearer tumbling down a mountain without ripping them.

A woman named Cory posted a funny review on Amazon for a pair of leggings after putting them through the ultimate test — she tumbled down a mountain and there was not a single rip.

Cory posted the review back in July 2020, but the funny moment was unearthed on Twitter last week where it racked up over 400,000 likes. The user who posted the review said: “i think about this twice per week.”

In Cory’s five-star review, she said: “order them right now,” adding that she would be “reordering the pants in every color.” She then shared two photos of herself rolling down a mountain while wearing a purple pair of the leggings, which remained unscathed.

“My leggings did not rip not even a little bit and I got stuck on rocks and trees,” she wrote.

One user tweeted, “I really hope the company gave her free leggings for life for that kind of solid endorsement. How can you not be sold when you read that.”

Image source: Amazon