Woman Pays For 60 Strangers’ Meals at Pennsylvania Diner

A woman who wished to remain anonymous paid for 60 strangers’ meals at a Pennsylvania diner.

Diners at the newly reopened Country Diner in Hegins Township, Pennsylvania received a nice surprise this week. A woman who wished to remain anonymous paid for all 60 diners’ meals. During the lunch rush, the woman asked the manager, Lorrie Renninger, if she could pay for everyone’s bill.

“I waited on this lady, and it was time for her to pay her bill, and came up to the register and said she would like to pay for everyone’s bill. I’m like, ‘Are you sure?’ and she was like, ‘Yes,”’ Renninger recalled.

In addition to paying everyone’s bill, which totaled $350, the woman also tipped the two servers who were working the lunch shift a total of $100. This act of kindness was especially appreciated as the diner had just reopened after being shut down during COVID-19.

“Business has been up and down. Even though we’re opening, we still can’t get the help, you know. We had to do reduced hours,” said Renninger.

“I’d like to say thank you so much. You made our day, and it’s wonderful that you do that,” she continued.

Image source: Republican Herald