7 Year Old Raises Thousands For Her Brain Surgery Through Lemonade Stand

By Noah Hochfelder April 30, 2021
Liza Scott, a 7-year-old from Alabama, suffered a life-changing seizure in January that will require multiple surgeries. To help her family with the burdensome medical expenses, she has started one of the more successful lemonade stands you’ll ever see.

Since she suffered a Grand Mal seizure this past January, Alabama 7-year-old Liza Scott has been selling homemade lemonade by the cup to raise money for her upcoming brain surgeries. What began as an adorable plan became a lucrative enterprise—the young Liza has raised tens of thousands of dollars from her lemonade stand.

When Liza suffered a deeply serious seizure on January 30th, Birmingham doctors discovered that she had three rare brain malformations in her brain. If untreated, these issues could cause future seizures, strokes, or brain hemorrhages, according to the fundraising web page set up by Liza’s mom, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is a single mother who raises both Liza and a 3-year-old son. She also runs Savage’s bakery in Homewood (AL). With two kids and a store to manage—all during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has not been kind to small businesses like Savage’s—brain surgery costs were a brutal blow for Elizabeth’s family. She writes on Liza’s fundraising page that “the next year [of surgeries] will require a tremendous commitment of our family, our business, and anyone who is willing to join in this journey with us.”

Despite her young age, Liza recognized the greater implications that the logistics of her surgery would have on her family’s stability and well-being. So, she decided to be proactive and relieve some of the financial pressure herself.

And so, Liza’s famous lemonade stand was born. Elizabeth was all for Liza’s drive to help her family, so she built her daughter a personalized lemonade stand outside Savage’s Bakery.

This behavior is not a surprise to those who know Liza well. Elizabeth tells Fox News that “Liza has always shown the initiative to step up and take part in helping with things around the house or at the bakery even when it’s not expected or asked.”

The 7-year-old sold her refreshing beverages for 25 cents per cup. Her concoctions seemed to get Alabama residents hooked; Liza’s stand had raised an estimated $15,000-$20,000 by the beginning of March. “Selling lemonade (and other special treats) is one of [Liza’s] favorite things to do,” Elizabeth writes on the fundraising site. “So much so I built her a Lemonade Stand…sell she does, even giving it away for free just because she wants everyone to enjoy.”

The family has raised nearly $400,000 online for the surgeries and accompanying travel expenses to hospitals in Boston. After a successful first surgery, Liza’s family is preparing for a second one in May, which involves removing part of her skull. In the meantime, Liza and her mother are working to put together care packages for families that also are enduring difficult medical issues and hospital travel.

The popular cliché “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” has never been more applicable.