Anonymous Shopper Gifts Boy Iconic Guitar After Seeing Him Visit Store to Play It

By Darby Jones January 12, 2022
Fallon, who was born with Williams Syndrome, was gifted his dream guitar by an anonymous person who witnessed his talent.

A young boy named Fallon would visit the J.B. Hart Music Co. store in Grand Junction, Colorado frequently in order to play what he referred to as the “Pantera” guitar, or the Dean Dimebag Darrell ML Guitar.

Fallon suffers from Williams Syndrome, a developmental disorder that is present at birth and can cause a variety of medical problems.

Eight months ago, a shopper noticed Fallon playing the guitar, and took note of how talented he was. The shopper, who has asked to remain anonymous, asked the store if they could purchase the guitar for Fallon and have the workers give it to him the next time he visited.

However, several months passed with no sign of Parker. According to a Facebook post, the workers “tried finding him to no avail.” Over the holidays, Fallon and his family finally came to the store and explained that they moved to Texas and were back visiting family in the area.

When the workers gave Fallon his dream guitar, he “beamed with excitement” while his mother burst into tears. The store said that the emotional exchange was a “special moment” and that “there are still good people in this world.”

“I got the Pantera guitar!” exclaimed Fallon.

Image source: Facebook / J.B. Hart Music Co., Inc.