Donkey at Texas Rescue Named ‘Betty White’ After the Late Actress and Longtime Donor

A donkey born on Christmas Day was named after the late Betty White, who donated to this Texas rescue for years.

Betty White had been a consistent donor to the Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue in San Angelo, Texas since 2006. 

After the death of the beloved actress, the rescue decided to name a newborn donkey — born on Christmas Day — after White, in honor for her generous contributions throughout the years.

“The donkey was born Dec. 25. We lost the real Betty White on New Year’s Eve and so it instantly came to us that she was gonna be Betty. Betty White had been a donor of Peaceful Valley since 2006. She was a huge animal lover. So we lost not only a donor but an animal advocate all around the world.” said owner Mark Meyers.

Mark and Amy Meyers initially started the rescue as a hobby, operating out of their backyard more than a decade ago. Now, the rescue sits on 172 acres of land with approximately one thousand donkeys on property and more than 30 employees.

“We’re a 501(c)(3) organization and we rely on the people for donations. I hope everybody remembers Peaceful Valley and donates to the donkey’s and support little Betty White Jr. here,” he said.

Shortly after her death, the “Betty White Challenge” went viral on social media to encourage people to donate at least $5 to an animal shelter or rescue.

Peaceful Valley will also be naming their newly constructed nursery after White.

Image source: Yahoo, GoSanAngelo