California Office Worker Turns Office Cubicle into Life-Sized Gingerbread House

Monika Orrey spent eight hours turning a cubicle into her life-sized gingerbread house, complete with giant candy canes and fake snow.

This Christmas-lover transformed her office cubicle into an incredible life-sized gingerbread house to win a workspace decorating competition.

47-year-old Monika Orrey had only been working at her new job for two months when the competition was announced. The financial services manager shocked her colleagues by spending eight hours constructing the gingerbread house, complete with giant candy canes and fake snow. Orrey built the sides and roof of the house by herself by using duct tape and cardboard that she later covered with brown craft paper.

“I consider myself very festive, or as my daughter would say, I am ‘extra’!” said Orrey, who is from Oakland, California. “I do indeed have far too many decorations at home according to my family but I know they love it.”

As for decorating her cubicle, Orrey said she wanted to do something “big” and incorporate her “well-known sweet tooth.” 

“I was able to collect bowls from the dollar store, paint pinwheels on them, attach the bowl to a white cardboard tube and cover in cellophane for extra large ‘lollipops’,” she said. “I bought some candy stickers and found more candy images online that I printed out for more decorations.”

Orrey added that several of her colleagues have even brought their children in to see the gingerbread house. “Mission accomplished!” said Orrey.

Image source: Metro UK