High School Students Form Club to be Cheerleaders for the Arts

By Darby Jones December 5, 2021
The group already has 90 members and supports the choir, orchestra, artists and more.

While most high schools have traditions when it comes to supporting their sports teams, not many have support groups for other activities, like choir or art. Mountain View High School in Orem, Utah is looking to change that. 

The school has a group called “The Bruin Crazies,” which supports the sports teams by cheering and leading the student section during games. Their new group, The Bruin Classies, has just begun to cheer on the non-athletic student activities  — the group has already accumulated more than 90 members.

“The Bruin Crazies are essentially our student cheering department,” Caleb Stay, senior at Mountain View High School, told The Daily Herald. “We figured, ‘Why not create something for all of the arts, whether it be choir, band, orchestra, jewelry showcase, photography and art galleries — to give them some publicity and cheer them on?’” 

The idea for starting a club that would support the arts had been in the talks for a long time, and students began signing up as soon as it became official. 

The students named the group “The Bruin Classies” because they hope to bring a sense of “class” to the performances they attend. The group wears bowties to each event, and some wear signs around school in the days leading up to the events to spread awareness.

“The students deserve to be celebrated by the student body. This is stuff that they have poured their time into and it deserves to be admired,” Stay said. “If you worked really hard on something and no one showed up, it would be a bummer. We just want to make sure that no one feels that way. We’ll get a bunch of kids to come and we want to be there to support the students.”

Stay is both the president of The Bruin Classies and vice-president of the school choir, so he understands how important it is to support all student activities.“We want people to feel pride in the product that they produced. A lot of people are interested in the club, especially those in the arts,” he said.

Image source: The Daily Herald