Michigan High School Basketball Team Lands FaceTime with Tom Brady After Dialing Wrong Number

An accidental text resulted in a FaceTime from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for this high school basketball team.

After a player accidentally entered the wrong phone number in a group chat, members of the Notre Dame Prep freshman basketball team found themselves on FaceTime with Tom Brady. 

“That was fun,” Brady told ESPN on Wednesday. “That was really fun. It was really good to see all those young kids hyped up.” 

The scenario began when Vinny Tartaglia started a group text for his teammates ahead of some of their upcoming practices. However, Tartaglia entered one of his teammate’s numbers in incorrectly. The number belonged to Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ cornerback Sean Murphy-Bunting, who is originally from Michigan. “Did you mean to add me to this group?” responded Murphy-Bunting.

“The guy replies … ‘this is Sean. Do you know who I am?’ Of course they think it’s their teammate messing with them,” Jason Whalen, whose son is on the team, wrote on Twitter. “After some back and forth the guy says ‘this is @seanbunting_’ and he sends a selfie in the Bucs locker room.”

The boys still thought that someone was pulling a prank on them, so Murphy-Bunting FaceTimed them, and they ended up catching a glimpse of Leonard Fournette, Mike Evans, Rob Gronkowski and Richard Sherman. 

The Notre Dame Prep team then asked where Tom Brady was, so Fournette passed the phone over so they could say hi.

“What an awesome experience for our boys and what an amazing group of guys on the Buccaneers,” Whalen tweeted. “I can’t believe they took the time to entertain Colin and his teammates. I’m sure they had a good time laughing at the fact that the Super Bowl champs got randomly added to a freshman basketball team group chat.”

Image source: The Washington Post