Detroit Cops Rescue Puppies Trapped in Abandoned Mattress Spring

A veterinarian said the puppies would not have survived the night had they not been rescued.

The day after Christmas, Detroit police noticed that something seemed off at an abandoned house. A malnourished new dog mom was scavenging for food outside of the house, with two young puppies inside — one of which had gotten his neck tied up in a mattress spring.

Around 5 p.m., two officers with Detroit’s 11th Precinct were called to respond to a report of a “vicious dog” in the area. However, Officers H. Kourani and G. Rogers said that the dog they found was “nowhere near that.” The dog was friendly but noticeably underweight, and they could tell she had recently given birth.

“Their stomachs and their mammary glands get very swollen and enlarged because they’re filled with their milk for their puppies,” Rogers told Fox News. “So it was something I immediately recognized.”

The officers worked to gain the mother’s trust by feeding her treats until she felt comfortable. “I generally always keep bags of dog treats in my car and our police car, so I kind of just worked my way up on the porch, getting closer and closer with the treats,” Rogers said. “And she was obviously very hungry. So she was taking them from me, and she finally was taking them out of my hand after about 30 minutes of me trying to get through to her. And after that, she started to trust us a little bit more.”

Once the officers earned her trust, they went inside the house to look for the puppies. “As soon as we turned that first corner into the living room, we saw a tiny brown puppy laying on top of a beat-up mattress,” Kourani said.

The officers rescued the puppy that was caught in a spring with a coil around his neck. “I just used all my force to break it off his neck,” she said. “He did whimper a little bit once I got it off, but I think that was a sense of relief.”

The officers said a veterinarian told them the puppies likely wouldn’t have survived the night if they hadn’t been rescued. “Whether it’s animal life or human life, we’re always going to do our best to try to protect and preserve it as much as possible,” Kourani said.

Image source: Fox News