‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Amy Schneider Becomes Show’s Top Female Earner

Schneider also became the show’s first transgender contestant to qualify for the Tournament of Champions last month.

“Jeopardy!” champion Amy Schneider made history last week, becoming the highest-earning female contestant in the game show’s 57-year history. 

The engineering manager’s 18th-consecutive win brought her overall earnings to a whopping $706,800. She surpassed the previous record holder, Larissa Kelly, to become the show’s top-earning female player. Kelly’s record was $655,930.

“Well, it was fun to hold a Jeopardy record for a few years…but it’s been even more fun to watch @Jeopardamy set new standards for excellence, on the show and off. Congratulations to Amy on becoming the woman with the highest overall earnings in the show’s history!” wrote Kelly on Twitter.

Schneider responded, tweeting: “Thanks so much, I’m honored to be in your company, and I look forward to some day watching the woman who beats us both!”

Schneider, from Oakland, California, first made game show history last month as the show’s first transgender contestant to qualify for the Tournament of Champions, an annual competition among 15 players who have earned the most money from their prior season. However Schneider does not want her gender identity to be her entire persona. “I didn’t want to make too much about being trans, at least in the context of the show,” she wrote in a Twitter thread last month. “I am a trans woman, and I’m proud of that fact, but I’m a lot of other things, too!”

Image source: NBC News