Dog From Long Island Becomes First with Three Legs to Compete in American Kennel Club Agility Event

By Peyton Phillips January 3, 2022
This special dog is proving he does not need all four legs to compete in agility events.

Rascal, a Norwich Terrier from Long Island, New York, won the 100-yard dash in 2020. Now, the soon-to-be three-year-old is returning to the ring after losing one of his back legs to cancer.

“Well there was a lump on his leg that was noticed in December of last year, everyone told us this would be way worse on my husband Don and me than it is on Rascal, and it is true, he has no clue he is missing a leg,” said owner Lark Shlimbaum.

Competing, though, was a different story for Rascal. Some agility events, including American Kennel Club events, did not permit dogs with just three legs until Shlimbaum inquired and received support. 

“I started a little campaign – talking to people, a little social media,” she said.

In November, the AKC responded to her requests regarding the eligibility of agility dogs, saying: “After careful deliberation, it has been determined that having three legs does not preclude a dog from having functional movement and being physically sound.” Therefore, three-legged dogs are eligible for entry at AKC agility trials.”

Last month, Rascal became the first three-legged dog to compete in an AKC agility event. “First one in the world to do it, and the standing ovation at the end of his run…makes me cry,” said Shlimbaum.


Image source: Newsday