Family Holds ‘101 Dalmatians’ Parade to Celebrate Great-Grandmother’s 101st Birthday

A family held a “101 Dalmatians”-themed parade to celebrate their great-grandmother’s 101st birthday.

A Wisconsin family surprised their matriarch, Ruth Marsh, with a “101 Dalmatians”-themed parade to celebrate her 101st birthday — the entire family dressed up as Dalmatians with spots and floppy ears. There was even a real Dalmatian at the celebration.

Marsh took on the role of Cruella de Vil, sporting a black and white wig and a long cigarette. However, family members noted that Cruella is pretty far from Marsh’s personality. 

Marsh was raised on a dairy farm in Black Earth before moving to Stoughton in the 1950’s, where she raised children of her own on the shores of Lake Kegonsa. She is a beloved member of the family with 16 grandchildren and over 20 great-grandchildren.

​​​​“Happy 101, grandma! We love you!” the family said together before barking and howling. The parade was a perfect idea for Marsh, because she loves Dalmatians and has a history of hosting a Fourth of July parade.

Image source: WKOW