Man Converts Old Car Tires Into Beds for Stray Dogs and Cats

So far, he has made over 6,000 beds for strays, shelter animals and pets all over the world.

Two years ago, a man named Amarildo noticed used tires stacked in the parking lots of the supermarket where he worked. He had always been very handy, so he decided to put the old tires to good use.

He collects the old tires, takes them home and carefully cuts, washes, paints and decorates them until they are cozy enough for the animals. He even writes the name of the animal to whom the bed will belong on the tire. Lastly, he adds carrying straps and a comfy mattress that he sews himself.

So far, Amarildo has made 6,000 beds for strays, shelter animals and pets. His beds have become so famous that he now receives orders from eco-friendly pet owners from all over the world. 

“I am very moved because what used to be trash in the environment now becomes something very useful for animals,” said Amarildo.

Image source: Paws Planet