Nike Closes Offices For Week-Long Mental Health Break

By Peyton Phillips August 31, 2021
The sportswear giant closed its corporate doors for a week to help employees relax and recharge.

Senior leadership at Nike has decided to give employees a full week off to prioritize their mental health.

Matt Marrazzo, senior manager of global marketing science at Nike, wrote in a LinkedIn post, “Teams at Nike will start closing their laptops for our regular Summer Friday hours. But today is *extra* special. Nike HQ is also powering down for a full week off starting next Monday. Our senior leaders are all sending a clear message: take the time to unwind, destress and spend time with your loved ones. Do not work.”

Marrazzo said that taking time to rest and recover is “key to performing well and staying sane.” He added that the past year has been rough due to the pandemic, but he is “hopeful that the empathy and grace we continue to show our teammates will have a positive impact on the culture of work moving forward.”

Nike is following the lead of the dating app, Bumble, which implemented a company-wide, week-long vacation in June to help combat burnout. 

LinkedIn also gave the majority of its employees a week’s paid vacation in April, which chief people officer, Teuila Hanson, said was “inspiring to see how our employees returned to work rejuvenated and recharged.”

An anonymous Nike employee told KGW News that the week off is “not only a chance to recharge and keep us together, but also a thank you for an impressive year.”

The week off, however, does not extend to Nike’s retail employees. Stores will remain open during the week.

Image source: Yahoo Sports