When Life Gives You Lemons: Ohio Family Raises Over $77k with Lemonade Stand for Children’s Hospital

An Ohio family has raised over $300,000 over the past several years for the Cincinnati Children's Hospital by hosting a lemonade stand and online fundraiser.

A family in Indian Hills, Ohio has raised over $77,000 this year for the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital by having a lemonade stand outside their home. Over the past several years, the stand has raised over $300,000 total for the hospital.

Moms Amanda Zerbe and Hillary Weidner wanted to teach their kids about generosity by donating the money from a lemonade stand to the hospital. Then, it grew from there. 

The Children’s Hospital holds a special place in the Weidner’s hearts because the oldest sibling, Beatrice, has spent a lot of time there after receiving a kidney transplant at just six months old. Her mom was her donor, and Beatrice is now in first grade and thriving. 

The initial lemonade stand raised $148, and the moms asked social media for help matching the kids’ earnings. In a matter of days, they had raised over $200,000. During the pandemic, the kids were still able to raise $10,000 from their lemonade stand and social media fundraiser. This year, the kids hoped to reach $20,000, and they far exceeded it by raising over $77,000.

“It’s crazy,” Hillary Weidner said to WLWT5. “I mean, it’s just, there’s no amount of money that we can ever raise to equate what we have received from the hospital. So, even if we could donate 45 million, it wouldn’t even touch how much that we feel indebted to them.”

Image source: WLWT